About Land Use 2020

Land Use 2020: A Place for Biodiversity Offsets brings top international and Canadian researchers together with policy-makers, practitioners and stakeholders for three days in beautiful Banff, in the Canadian Rockies, to discuss biodiversity offsetting in policy and practice.

Pre-Conference Session 

A pre-conference half-day session on May 26 is optionally available for attendees who are new to offsetting, or want a refresher. The session introduces key concepts in offsetting policy and illustrates them with examples.

Conference Program

The full conference takes place on May 27-28, and explores the potential and key challenges of biodiversity offsetting policy and practice.  Each session will be introduced by a leading expert who will review the state of knowledge and perspectives on the theme of the session.  This will be followed by a series of presentations (see our call for abstracts) and panel discussion.

Land Use 2020 will take place at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, a premier facility in a stunning natural setting in Canada’s first and best-known national park.  A host of activities will available either in conjunction with Land Use 2020 or on your own.

Who Should Attend?

Attendance will be limited to 200 participants. Audience members and panel participants will represent multiple sectors including:

  • Federal/Provincial/Territorial Governments
  • Academia
  • Industry & practitioners
  • Anyone interested in conservation and natural resource management

About Alberta Land Institute

The Alberta Land Institute (ALI) is an independent research institute based at the University of Alberta. We are committed to research that supports and enhances land use policy in the province of Alberta and beyond. ALI believes that sound policy development should be informed by thorough consideration of the full range of costs and benefits – economic, social and environmental. ALI’s work focuses on the changing landscape and the ways that planning and policy design can ensure the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s agricultural sector, its water and its natural areas.

ALI’s work meets the highest academic standards and is published widely in academic journals. Just as importantly, ALI is distinguished by continuously endeavouring to communicate its findings and engage with policymakers, stakeholders, and members of the public through research briefs, printed and digital media, and its Land Use conference.

ALI has hosted its Land Use conferences every other year since 2014. It is recognized as Western Canada’s premier forum on land-use research, planning and policy.  Select previous sessions can be viewed on YouTube.  For more information on ALI research work, please visit albertalandinstitute.ca


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